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Is your pet ‘King/Queen of the Manor’ at home? What about getting him/her to be ‘King/Queen of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel’ where everyone can check out his/her adorable look?! The chance is here! Riding on the 100th anniversary of the SPCA (HK), we are opening up the giant billboard at our Wanchai headquarters where pets can compete to be a ten-metre-tall King/Queen of the Billboard! The furry winner will also become a health ambassador to our main sponsor, ProVet pet health supplements!

As long as you provide a photo and join:
  • [Help to build the largest veterinary hospital in the New Territories]
    Everytime you submit a photo and donate $20, ProVet will donate $100 towards building the largest 24-hour veterinary hospital in the New Territories located in Tsing Yi, benefitting more furry ‘Kings’ and ‘Queens’ in the New Territories!

  • [Act as the star of a large-scale advertisement for half a year]
    Your ‘King’/ ‘Queen’ has the opportunity to become the star of the SPCA Wanchai headquarters billboard for half a year!

  • [Become a web ambassador of our new centre]
    All participating ‘Kings’ and ‘Queens’, regardless of whether they have been successfully selected or not, can become ambassadors of the new Centre and appear in the centre’s web photo slideshow. Let’s continue to contribute to our animal friends!

  • [Instant lovely Thank You e-Card]
    Upon participation, a Thank You e-Card displaying your name or your ‘Kings’/ ’Queens’’s will be sent to you instantly, imprinting your generous acts in a unique and forever way.

How to join:
  • Head to the website and donate $20 or more.

  • After completing payment, you will receive a link where you can upload a photo of your pet (only one photo can be uploaded for each donation).

  • Please complete the donation and upload photos on or before the 31/08/2021.

This event has ended. Thank you for your support!
Participation qualifications and assessment criteria:
  • You are welcome to submit photos of dogs / cats for the competition. There is no limit to age or breed.

  • The judging criteria will be based on the theme of pet health and happiness.

  • ProVet representatives and SPCA representatives are responsible for the assessment.

Results announcement:
  • Results will be announced on the SPCA and ProVet official Facebook page within September.

  • 2 winners will be notified individually.

Terms and conditions:
  • The host organisation reserves the right to remove any photos that are indecent, against animal welfare or contain inappropriate content without prior notice. Once the photo is removed, participants will lose their eligibility to participate in this competition.

  • The organiser reserves the right to make the final decision on this event, including all matters such as participation, qualification, selection, assessment and so on.

  • All pet photos submitted will have the opportunity to appear in various future publicity channels of the Hong Kong SPCA, including publications, leaflets, social media, online promotion, etc.

(1) 15M X 15M
(2) 12.5M X 14.2M

About the SPCA Centennial Centre

Hong Kong is currently facing many challenges in various aspects such as animal welfare and education. As the SPCA enters its centennial anniversary, we are determined to greatly expand the scale and scope of the Society’s services to meet the needs of the community. The Society plans to open a large-scale animal welfare and education centre in Tsing Yi at the end of 2022. The new centre’s space and equipment will bring innovative breakthroughs in various services of the SPCA, including:

Unique Humane Education Hub for all ages in Hong Kong
The First Animal Rescue Centre in New Territories
The Best-equipped welfare hospital in Hong Kong
The Largest Birth Control Centre in Hong Kong
The Largest Pet-friendly Complex in New Territories
The First Welfare Dog Behaviour Wellness Centre
The Largest Animal Hospital in New Territories

This event has ended. Thank you for your support!